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Upgrading a new Domain Controller with Same Old DC Name and IP

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Hi All,

A Recent Upgrade Experience : –  )

Scenario: – A site with only one Domain Controller which is running with Older hardware architecture.  You need to upgrade RAM, HDD, need to regularly install updates. Since it is running in old hardware, you are unable to proceed further. So, in this case, you explain the importance of this DC ( being only one at that site ) to your IT head. After running through various meetings finally it is approved and you recive a brand new server. Wow.. Long time wait..

Now, Old DC is already in retiring state, you don’t want to bother it anymore. So what you can do is, promote this new server as DC with same old name and IP.

Adv: – You don’t  have to change any settings at your client side for DNS . You don’t have to inform your apps team who are manually hardcoding this DC for their apps to work. 

Let’s get it started. Below are the procedures on how to achieve it.


  • Make sure none of the FSMO roles are configured on this DC, if yes, move them to different DC.
  • Demote this DC – Remove DNS as well, if its AD integrated
  • Make sure its completely replicated over entire forest
  •  Check if there are any references about this DC in any other DC’s.  For Ex, confirm none of the DC’s see this DC as replication partner.
  •  Once this is demoted successfully and made as a member server, shutdown the old DC.
  • If demotion was not successful, follow http://support.microsoft.com/kb/216498   and make sure all references are removed as highlighted.
  •  Remove the DNS record which is created for this DC
  • Install OS on Server as same as Old DC and make it available on same Server VLAN.
  •  Now boot up the new server with upgraded H/W on the same subnet which is already on Workgroup.
  • Rename as old DC and set the IP address as old DC and restart the server
  •  Once back online, promote as a new DC and install DNS- AD integrated.
  •  If old server  was a GC (in these cases mostly yes) , make it as  GC as well
  •  Once done, confirm this is replicated over entire forest and functions as normal
  • Confirm other DC’s can see this new DC (with old name) as their replication partners

It is very simple and you all set now.. 🙂 It worked for me..

Note: – If this server was also a DHCP server, you may have to restore the DHCP Database as well.  Refer:- http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc736344(v=ws.10).aspx

Hope it is clear and useful.. 🙂



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