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All About Active Directory! All about my Passion! :)

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Hi All,

I would like to thank you for spending your time here to read my Blog!  As you would have guessed already what i’m gonna blog about..  Yeah It’s all about AD!  A technology which makes me wonder everyday…..  The technology which i’m impressed…  🙂

As the Organizations are completely relied on computers for the business solutions, organizing their work and making most out of computers through various software, is all Microsoft about.. I always like to call ’em as MS! 🙂 As most other engineers do…

Okay, My blog posts are mostly on Directory Services a.k.a AD, through the series of articles. I’m gonna explain right from the basics to deeper level.. Most of the articles you would find here are answers / explanations to the doubts/questions which i got during my initial stage of learning AD .

I also work with Virtual Infrastructure hosted on Vmware.  In my View, it saves large amount of money to larger enterprises with their virtualizaton technology. You will find some blog posts about vmware issues/techniques as well.

Hope it is useful to everyone!

Once again thanks for your time! 🙂 All your feedback and comments are welcome!


Mohan R


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